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Whatsapp Direct Message


What's WhatsApp Direct?

It can be quite frustrating to add someone to your contact list and then send them one WhatsApp message. WhatsApp Direct allows users to send WhatsApp messages directly from their phone without saving them to their contacts.

Select the country code and enter the recipient's number. Then click the Send button. Even though you have not saved the contact, you will be redirected directly to the WhatsApp chat for the number.

Note: If you enter a phone number, it should already be registered with WhatsApp. Otherwise, the message will not be received.

Disclosure: WhatsApp Direct was a Qrail-made web app for all of our readers. We built this app with the user's privacy at heart. WhatsApp Direct allows users to share any information (phone numbers, messages etc.). WhatsApp uses their APIs to send the information directly to them. This information is not stored by us and we do not forward it to any third parties.