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Train Schedule

It doesn't matter which side of the tracks your from
the train still rolls the same

# Code Name Sch Arrival Time Act Departure Time Distance Exp Platform Division
1 DIVA DIVA 05:30 am 03:30 pm 0 NA NA
2 PNVL PANVEL 03:57 pm 04:00 pm 26 NA NA
3 APTA APTA 04:19 pm 04:20 pm 41 NA NA
4 JITE JITE 04:29 pm 04:30 pm 51 NA NA
6 KOL KOLAD 05:47 pm 05:48 pm 122 NA NA
7 INP INDAPUR 06:00 pm 06:01 pm 137 NA NA
8 MNI MANGAON 06:12 pm 06:13 pm 146 NA NA
9 GNO GOREGAON ROAD 06:24 pm 06:25 pm 161 NA NA
10 VEER VEER 06:36 pm 06:37 pm 169 NA NA
11 SAPE SAPE WAMNE 06:46 pm 06:47 pm 181 NA NA
12 KFD KARANJADI 06:56 pm 06:57 pm 191 NA NA
13 VINH VINHERE 07:11 pm 07:12 pm 205 NA NA
14 DWV DIWANKHAVATI 07:29 pm 07:30 pm 216 NA NA
15 KLBN KALAMBANI BUDRK 07:39 pm 07:40 pm 231 NA NA
16 KHED KHED 07:59 pm 08:00 pm 241 NA NA
17 ANO ANJANI 08:09 pm 08:10 pm 260 NA NA
18 CHI CHIPLUN 08:30 pm 08:35 pm 283 NA NA
19 KMAH KAMATHE 08:44 pm 08:45 pm 296 NA NA
20 SVX SAVARDA 08:54 pm 08:55 pm 308 NA NA
21 AVRD ARAVALI ROAD 09:04 pm 09:05 pm 322 NA NA
22 KDVI KADAVAI 09:14 pm 09:15 pm 332 NA NA
23 SGR SANGMESHWAR 09:24 pm 09:25 pm 342 NA NA
24 UKC UKSHI 09:39 pm 09:40 pm 361 NA NA
25 BOKE BHOKE 09:54 pm 09:55 pm 379 NA NA
26 RN RATNAGIRI 11:20 pm 05:30 am 389 NA NA
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