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🔮 Proxy Checker Tool


About Proxy Checker Tool By Qrail

The proxy checker will check your proxy performance free of charge. It also determines the proxy type and country, as well as speed and degree of anonymity. The proxy list provides more information on proxy types and the degree of anonymity.

Smart algorithms can detect and verify any proxy format. If you copy a proxy list from another site, and it isn't in the ip:port format but is separated by tabs, spaces, or other means, the checker can filter out excess information and perform the check successfully.

In the verification line, you can even add a link to another website! The spider robot will load the page and attempt to identify proxies. Once it recognises them, they will immediately begin checking them. The page address must contain the same URL and begin with either http:// or https://

Here are some other things our proxy-checker can do:

  • Upload verified proxy in Ip:Port format text or in a table in the.csv format.
  • Multithreading can speed up proxy verification. Free verification is available in 20 threads, while subscribers can access 64 threads.
  • A proxy can be checked for approximately 30 seconds. There are 20 simultaneous verification threads in the free version. The paid version includes 64 proxy check threads.
  • One proxy server can be checked for 100 times. Log in with your access code to check unlimited proxy servers if you intend to check them frequently.
  • The "resultstable" parameter displays the verification process and its results, in real-time.
  • To prevent additional rows from appearing on a large sheet of paper, uncheck the box marked "non-working".

An API is available for proxy checker. Proxy verification can be embedded in your program and on your website. On request, conditions are available